Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Away from the Blog....

Due to life circumstances, I regret to inform my readers that I am taking some time off from my blog. I apologise for not notifying you sooner.
- Miss Lori

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Giordano Continues Expansion In Middle East; Gap Inc. Dismisses Gap Division Design Chief Patrick Robinson

The Gap and Giordano retail stores both carry basic styles of clothing for everyday wear. This includes denim (jeans, etc.), sweaters, basic tees, and khaki trousers. Although they may carry similar merchandise, however, Giordano is doing much better with regards to sales. Giordano, an international company founded and based out of Hong Kong, has recently opened yet another store in Kuwait. For Giordano, business is booming in the middle eastern region. Meanwhile, the Gap struggles to make profits within its North American division. Although the Gap's Design Chief Patrick Robinson has been let go due to supposedly poor design decisions, could it be possible that specifically the styles sold within Gap stores simply do not sell well within the North American market?

Other Fashion News Highlights Include the Following:
The European Fashion Council chooses Dutch designer Frank Verspoor's logo idea whilst Bulgarian native Nadya VALEVA was chosen for her slogan idea "Union of arts and ideas".

An NGO, the Ensemble Foundation, is launched today in Accra, Ghana. One of its goals include raising awareness of cervical cancer preventative measures and funding cervical cancer screening worldwide.

Bollywood singer and actresAishwarya Rai may launch her own international fashion line.

British Brand Karen Millen has plans to continue expanded its stores worldwide.

Hermes International SCA sells its 45% stake in Jean-Paul Gaultier to Grupo Puig for 16 million EUR.

Obscene Jeans Corp decides to partner with Beautyfresh in order to distribute products in China. Beautyfresh is one of a few select companies licensed by the Chinese government to distribute international products within China.