Friday, 21 January 2011

Welcome to Global Fashions!

I would like to take this time to welcome everyone to my blog. I really hope you enjoy it! This blog is intended to discuss fashion around the world to include business news related to fashion, fashion trends, industry jobs, and relevant travel subjects. Currently, the blog will have semi-weekly posts, with plans to expand into daily posts by February. For this month, the focus will be related to the question, "What is fashion?" Why is fashion important? How does it differ from place to place? And perhaps most importantly, what role does it play in our lives? Stay tuned for February's posts where these topics and many more will be discussed in detail!

Everyone is welcome to comment here as much as they'd like, but please keep it appropriate and respectful. If you have any special blog requests, do not hesitate to mention it to me. I would love to hear feedback from any and all of my blog viewers.

Once again, welcome and enjoy!

Yours truly,
    Miss Lori.

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