Saturday, 9 April 2011

Canadian Chain Closes All 76 Stores; New "Healthy" Apparel

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Tabi Stores, Inc, a Canadian apparel company that specializes in casual attire for 40+ year-old women, is set to close all of its remaining 76 stores as the company files for bankruptcy. They are using Farber Financial Group to help with bankruptcy process. Currently, all Tabi stores are offering a 20-40% discount on all merchandise. Merchandising fixtures are also for sale. According to one website, they are no longer accepting gift cards.

Not all Canadian apparel companies are struggling to stay in business. One Canadian store that is doing extremely well financially is Lululemon. Lululemon is an athleticwear company that specializes in yoga clothing for both men and women. Their clothes incorporate modern apparel technology, including the use of silver fibres for their antibacterial properties. Their stock shares have nearly tripled in value since last August.

Newly launched apparel companies in the realm of athletic and health-related apparel include a new line of fashionable sun-protective clothing by Mott50, a recent US start-up company. Bill Schultz recently created a posture-correcting shirt that has been proven to work in helping at least one patient correct posture.

In other world news, India's Madame brand is set to launch a line of apparel for young girls. South Korean manufacturing company Sae-A Trading Co. Ltd plans to open a large assembly plant in Haiti next March. Multiple companies, including Inter Parfums, are interested in buying a 45% stake in Jean-Paul Gaultier. The 21st Vietnam International Textile and Garment Industry exhibition opened 8 Apr, 2010, showcasing modern textile machinery. A US Outdoor Act has been introduced in order to aid in the affordability and research of athletic apparel. A design contest in New Zealand honours young design talent.

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