Monday, 29 December 2014

People In Fashion: Julie Sygiel

Julie Sygiel may not be a household name- yet- but she is certainly on her way to making her designs a common household item. Who is she? Or more importantly, what does she design?

Julie Sygiel is the founder and CEO of "Dear Kate", a company that designs, manufactures, and produces underwear that can hold varying amounts of liquid (depending on type of underwear) without leaking through. Although they are designed for menstruating women, they may also be useful for those with bladder incontinence problems. Julie Sygiel used her background as a chemical engineering major to design and develop underwear that will wick away moisture from the layer next to the skin, but at the same time prevent moisture from leaking through the outer layer- while keeping the skin dry. The fabric lining in the underwear is currently patent pending. Products include everything from thong underwear through yoga pants that allow one to "go commando" even while on her period. Dear Kate and its products have been featured in many popular magazines and news sites.

Want to know more? Please check out the video below (by fusion), and check out Dear Kate's website for more information.

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