Saturday, 19 March 2011

CDFA Awards Lady Gaga as Fashion Icon

The Council of Fashion Designers of America will award Lady Gaga as a "Fashion Icon". Perhaps the only thing mentioned in reference to Lady Gaga as much as her music is her unique fashion sense. Infamously known for her "meat suit" and "hatching" out of a giant egg, Lady Gaga is constantly testing the bounds of fashion. Admittedly controversial at times, she appears to be more of a trend-setter than a trend-follower. However, it is still based on trends and the image she creates for herself. Only time will tell if she can manage to keep influencing fashion. Do you believe she deserves such an award? Why or why not?

Below is her latest video, seeming like an odd mix of 80s fantasy film meets a dia-de-los-muertos goth version meets minimalist, futuristic cyborg-factory. What is your opinion of the video and Lady Gaga's choice of costume?

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