Tuesday, 22 March 2011

International Stock Market and Fashion News

Japanese stocks overall seem to be rebounding this week while US stocks overall have fallen somewhat, according to FXStreet.com. However, some of the large US retailers such as Target Corp, had a slight increase in their share value, even amid the current devastation in Japan. In Canada, retailers have shown slight mixed growth depending on the particular industry sector. Toronto stock markets have recently been very volatile within a given day, though it showing little overall change over a week-long period. For updates on overall market changes, CNN provides a useful interactive online map with regular updates.

In other news, China International Fashion Week begins on 24 March, 2011. Levi's International has appointed Ms. Laurie Etheridge as its global leader for Women's Merchandising and Design. During March 16-18, Maritius hosted Origin Africa's Fibre to Fashion 2011. Tokyo's retail fashion stores are beginning to reopen.

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