Thursday, 24 March 2011

The UK's London College of Fashion To Host Workshops in Dubai

The UK's London College of Fashion will be hosting workshops during 13-27th May this year at the Pullman Dubai Mall of the emirates hotel. The workshops will include topics such as fashion journalism, promotion, product design and development, entrepreneurship, and merchandising. The workshops vary from one to three days in length depending on the specific topic. Although much more costly than its UK equivalent course (with similar completion certificates being given out at the end of each workshop),  the additional fees go towards the extra costs of hosting the workshop courses in another country. These include travel for staff members, extra associated costs of leasing the space for the workshop venue, and extra staff to ensure everything runs smoothly. Even with the extra costs of attending the UAE workshops, locals may still find it cheaper than the cost of the flight, visa, and lodgings associated with attending the equivalent workshop in London. If you book before 1 April, there are "early bird" discounts of 10% per workshop.

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