Saturday, 5 February 2011

Fashion Businesses- Spotlight: Kohl's Illinios, Inc.

Kohl's Illinois, Inc., more commonly referred to as Kohl's, operates over 1,000 stores, 9 distribution centers, and 2 e-commerce centers in 49 states. It started out in 1962 as a moderately-priced department store selling a variety of products, including sewing notions, candy, appliances, food, and clothing. Since it's beginnings, the ownership has changed hands a couple times- once being owned by BATUS, Inc.- before finally settling in the hands of investors who incorporated the company.  The product range was also later narrowed down to more profitable areas such as clothing, accessories, and home products. The online e-commerce division was added in 2001. Their product selection includes a wide variety of misses, women's, men's, young men's, juniors, shoes, accessories (to include fine jewelry), and home products carrying both name brand apparel and private labels.

Kohl's Illinois, Inc. has proven to be very successful at maintaining a good profit margin even during low points in the economic cycle. Kohl's marketing and advertising campaigns use a variety of methods to including corporate social responsibility, advertised sales, Kohl's coupons and card member discounts, and television, newspaper, and magazine advertising to name a few. Perhaps most remarkable of all is when Kohl's first entered a new area of the United States, rather than open one or two stores at a time, they would open multiple stores in the same area at around the same time and offer similarly amazing "Grand Opening" sales at all locations simultaneously. These would be advertising through various media beforehand in order to create awareness and interest in the stores.

Do you believe that at Kohl's you can truly "expect great things"? What is your opinion of Kohl's? Would you want to shop there? work there? Why or why not? Do you have an opinion about the use of famous people, such as Britney Spears, in advertising campaigns?

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