Saturday, 26 February 2011

Fashion Design: It's Not Just Coming Up With an Idea

Nowadays, it seems like so many people are wanting to be a fashion designer. There are even television shows devoted to fashion design. However, it's not simply about being able to sketch fashionable clothes. Coming up with fashionable ideas is the easy part. The harder part is understanding how to choose the right fabrics with the right dyes & print techniques (and patterns) so the garment will lay how you want it to. It's knowing how to cut the fabric so it drapes around the body in a manner that perfectly mimics the original sketch or idea. It's choosing the right edge finishes and at least being aware of how they are sewn. It's knowing what you like, knowing what the public likes, and being aware of any conflict of interests because at the end of the day you have to make something that will sell (unless, of course, you want your time as a fashion designer to be short-lived). Furthermore, you have to do all this within the budget and cohesive style and colors set by the head of the design teams. Just because you are able to come up with really cool fashion sketches does NOT make you a designer. Coming up with the designs is the easy part; it's knowing how to turn them into a reality your target market will adore that's the hard part. 

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