Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Fashion Jobs: Working in a Distribution Center

One kind of position that may not come to mind when one hears the word, "fashion" is working in a supervisory role within a distribution center or warehouse. While it may not seem as prestigious or dramatic as becoming a fashion designer, it is still nonetheless an integral part of the fashion industry. Without distribution centers, many of the larger companies would have logistical problems in getting everything to the right place at the right time. That translates into merchandise not being sold at the proper time, which can be a major problem particularly within the fashion industry.

Being in a supervisory role at a D.C. (distribution center) requires managing both associates and goods. Not only must deadlines be met, but they must be met the most effective way possible. Safety, cleanliness, and other important standards must be maintained. This may include being responsible for payroll, too. Managerial experience, knowledge of industrial engineering, and basic computer skills (MS Word & Excel) are important. Good communication skills are extremely important.

Basically, the person is responsible for making sure that all the warehouse goods get into and out of the D.C. by the corresponding deadlines. Staff must be well-managed, and the workload must be divided appropriately. JC Penney has a good educational video about working in a logistics supervisory position while Kohl's has a good job description of a similar position as an operations supervisor within a distribution center.


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